2-for-1 Pink Armor Nail Gel


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2-for-1 Pink Armor Nail Gel

Strong, beautiful nails, fast!

Pink Armor is uniquely formulated to strengthen and protect nails from breaking and discolouring.

Pink Armor will give you strong, beautiful nails fast. It won’t peel, chip or crack and protects against breaking, cracking, splitting and discolouring.

Pink Armor is the thick, protective gel coat that gives you stronger, longer, beautiful natural nails!

The protein rich keratin gel penetrates deep down to repair and strengthen, while the optical brighteners make the nail tips look whiter and the nail beds look pinker, brings out your nails’ natural beauty for a flawless look.

Use it as a base coat for a naturally beautiful look, or as a top cover to protect your nail polish. Just two coats, once a week, it’s like getting a professional nail treatment!

2-for-1 Pink Armor Nail Gel


  • Keratin rich formula strengthens and protects nails
  • Repairs, restores and promotes nail growth
  • Protects nails against breaking, cracking, splitting and discolouring
  • Glossy nail gel finish
  • Can be used as a base or top coat
  • Great for manicures and pedicures

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