2x Pairs Heel Protective Sleeves


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2x Pairs Heel Protective Sleeves

For softer, smoother heels use these Heel Protective Sleeves. 

These Heel Sleeves are made of soft bio-gel material.

The polymer cup is odorless, non-toxic, and hypo-allergenic.

These gel socks can be worn at bed time and whilst wearing shoes.

It helps prevent shoe rubbing and slipping and ultimately improves shoe fit for better comfort.

The heel support socks have small holes, so the foot can breathe easily for all day comfort.

With a daily use it will leave your feet feeling smooth and soft.

These are reusable.

Hand wash with warm water and soap then let them air dry, you can try them easily again and again to meet the perfect result required for your heels.

One size fits all.

Purchase Includes 2x Boxes Heel Protective Sleeves (1x Pair in each box)


2x Pairs Heel Protective Sleeves

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