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Aircraft Filter / Regulator / Lubricator 1/2′ With Auto Drain (Hec4010-04D)


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In-line filter, regulator & lubricator 1/2 BSP

In-line water traps/filters are necessary to separate water and oil from the airflow during the air compression process.

A regulator is combined with the filter to increase or decrease the pressure. A pressure gauge indicates the set pressure.

The lubricator atomizes and mixes pneumatic oil with the compressed air to lubricate air tools.

Visible arrows are on the outer body of the casing that indicate the direction of installation to correspond with the direction of airflow.

Drain: Zero pressure drain

A push-in fitting is located on the drain to allow fluid to drain to a central point via PU tubing (not included).

Do not use a lubricator in line when using a spray gun.

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