Kids Smart Watch Tracker


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Children Smart Watch Tracker

Kids Smart Watch Tracker

Protect your loved ones with this incredible smartwatch.


  • Functions: clear call / precise positioning / long battery life / ultra-thin body / cool use.
  • Ultra-slim 14.1mm process design, as slim as homework
  • The color of the whole machine is gorgeous and rich in texture, always let other children envy.
  • Clear and stable two-way call
  • The sound is louder and can be heard in noisy environments.
  • Unique antenna design, multiple calibrations to ensure stable call
  • Voice chat, making communication more convenient
  • Easier operation and clearer voice
  • Easy group chat, support group chat with multiple mobile phones
  • Precise positioning, real-time display
  • Accurately record every corner of the child, fully meet the positioning needs of life and emergency situations
  • Electronic fences, always protect children’s safety
  • Set the activity range of the child, when the child leaves the set area, the parent mobile phone will receive an alarm prompt.
  • Loss prevention, prevention of access to dangerous areas, prevention of losses
  • High-performance battery, longer standby time
  • With highly polymerized customization
  • Battery, faster charging, higher performance, long time.
  • Then the same power, eliminating the charging problems every day.
  • Fun game: let the children get happiness from the game and grow in happiness.


  • Colours: Blue or Pink
  • Compatibility: Cell C and MTN networks only
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • Charging time: 2H
  • Screen resolution: 128 x 128
  • Display Size: 1.44
  • Radiation: lower than mobile phones, international standards, no impact on the human body
  • Applicable age: 3-12 years old
  • Positioning method: precise positioning & base station positioning
Kids Smart Watch Tracker
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