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Corded contractor Ear plug Plugfones offer hearing protection and music at the same time.

Plugfones Contractor are great for:


Factory work


Mowing the lawn

Much, much more.

Engineered to help protect your hearing, Plugfones function like traditional earplugs, but with the added benefit of audio. Listen to audiobooks and music while you work with Plugfones. Plugfones are great for those working or recreating in noisy envrironments who want to protect their hearing while having the convenience of listening to music or audio.

Replaceable Tips

Plugfones feature a patented design that allows you to interchange and replace the tips quickly and easily.

Each pair of Plugfones includes 1 pair of silicone tips and 1 pair of foam tips.

We have found our customers have different preferences and even like to switch between tip types, depending on their activity.

If your tips wear out, no problem! Plugfones sells replacement tips.

Plugfones have been lab tested and offer an NRR rating of 25.

Next time you go to work or mow the lawn, listen to some music or a book. Enjoy your time with Plugfones!

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