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EZ Up Cane

Take back your independence with the EZ Up Cane. Other walking canes may keep you balanced while walking, but the As Seen on TV EZ Up Cane also helps you up from a seated position with the adjustable knee bar that provides 4 points of support for easy leverage. Comfort is built into the cushioned support handle for an easy grip. Feel the safety and stability of the ergonomic cane with an extra wide base that can grip the floor and stand on its own.

The portable, patent-pending design can keep you mobile no matter where you go. Just fold it up and easily store it when you’re not using it. Unlike other canes, this cane is fully customizable for your needs. Adjust the height of the cane and pivot the knee lever to work for you. No cane can beat the features or the value of the EZ Up Cane.

Adjusts from 33.5” to 37.5” high.


  • Includes a knee bar that gives you leverage to get up and down from any seat
  • The wide base has the ability to grip the floor and stand on its own
  • Easily portable and foldable for when you quickly need to store it
  • Cushioned double-wide handle provides superior comfort and an easy grip

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