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Lucky Shot Slot Game


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Fill the glasses with different substances and test your luck!


  • Simply drop a token into the slotted board and drink the shot your token fell behind.
  • Includes: 1 x Slot board, 3 x Chips, 3 x Shot glasses

How to play:

  • Play the classic game of suspense and luck with shots as prizes
  • Fill up three shot glasses with three different things.
  • Place the shots in the 3 compartments, so that the chips will fall behind, not into the glasses.
  • Take your turn by placing a chip into a slot at the top of the slotted board.
  • The chip will bounce down and land behind one of the shots.
  • Take that shot! Then retrieve your chip and refill the shot glass with the same thing
  • Keep going with each player taking a turn until you decide the game is over.

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