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Magic Tracks 220 Pieces


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The Glow in the Dark, Bendable Tracks!

Magic Tracks are amazing new glow tracks that curve, bend and flex in every direction!

Change up the action every time. Just snap the track pieces together and instantly get a different speedway – even as your car races around it!

Turn off the lights and double the fun. The tracks glow bright in the night.

Create fun twists and turns with the Magic Track with ease.

This is an awesome toy for boys and girls that provides hours of fun, it also It teaches them cause and effect learning.

Children will have a blast building and racing their car on this colorful track.

After they finish constructing their track the children can compete against each other as they race their cars.

Once connected, the track is bendable and flexible so the path can be easily moved and reshaped.

Let your children’s imaginations run wild as there are no limits in the track shape.

You can even create more excitement by placing small objects like building blocks or pillows under the track. 

Why you will love it:

  • 220 sections of Glow Track
  • 3.3 meters of Bendable, Glowing, Raceway
  • Interactive! 
  • Lay it flat, bring it up! 
  • Track pieces snap together 
  • Car track is super flexible 
  • Track and Car glow-in-the-dark – make your car more visible in the dark
  • Car light up 
  • Customize your car with the included sticker sheet. Just peel and stick for unlimited, unique designs.
  • The racecar has 5 built-in LED lights to add to the super-duper brightness.
  • The track rolls up for easy clean-up and storage
  • Magic Tracks is sure to keep your little ones excited about getting active. 

Please note: Only includes 1x car

 Magic Tracks 220 Pieces

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