Marnur Beetle Foot Massager


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Marnur Beetle Foot Massager

Keeping a foot massager at home is the best way to reward tired feet after a long day.

MARNUR shiatsu foot massager kneading comes with professional-grade technology and sleek design, which facilitates metabolism and eliminates fatigue.

With this air pressure foot massager, you can relieve those tired, aching feet.

With soothing heat massage and an easy control, your soles have never been happier with the MARNUR Foot Massager!

Product Features:

  • The foot massager will activate heat function (the massage modes show red)
  • The Soothing heat option will warm and relax tired feet
  • The temperature of the heat massager is around 40~45 celsius
  • The foot massager shiatsu has a counter rotating massage action, which with air pressure can relieve tension and feet pain
  • Timer massager, the electric foot massager will auto-off after 15 minutes
  • The electric foot massager can be stored under most standard sofas while not in use

Marnur Beetle Foot Massager

  • 3 Different Modes & 3 Intensity Levels:
With 3 distinct shiatsu foot massager modes available, effortless customization is a given.
① The intensity of the electric foot massager activates intensity 1 (weekest) in the initial state
② Press the intensity button once, the foot massager machine switches to intensity 2 (medium)
③ Press it twice, the foot massager switches to intensity 3 (strongest)
Set the level which works best on you for a fully customizable shiatsu massage

  • Heat Option and Air Pressure:
Add relaxing heat setting of the heated shiatsu foot massager, which allow you to increase muscle relaxation and rejuvenation,what’s more, the foot massager with air pressure, has two air pockets in each heel and instep, so you can have a full coverage and deep muscle massage when you use it

  • Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Function:
Deep kneading foot massager, rotating shiatsu nodes that work wonders to foot pain relief and relieve aches, knots, and muscle tension

  • Detachable Cover:
With the foot cover being removable, the appliance makes the electric foot massager more convenient to keep it clean all the time

  • The electric foot massager has multi protections:
① Timer protection, the timer massager is equipped with 15 minutes auto shut-off
② Over-heat protection
③ The PTC Protection to ensure your safety, you can use the foot massager rest assured

Marnur Beetle Foot Massager


  • Women who are pregnant should not use it.
  • People having osteoporosis or other feet related diseases should use it after consulting with a professional doctor.
  • Please note that the heated foot massager is just gentle smoothing warmth heating


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