Mini Unicorn Squishies


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Mini Unicorn Squishies

Squeeze and squish your worries way!

Great for calming worried little minds and helping ease stress and anxiety.

A wonderfully fun resource for working on fine motor skills in a very enjoyable way.

Watch it pop back to its original shape.


  • PERFECT ENTERTAINMENT – Cute and super soft squishy – helps with fidgeting, boredom, and relaxation.
  • MAKES FOR A GREAT GIFT – Whether in search of a stress reliever or a new fidget toy, our squishies are perfect. Smoosh, squeeze, stretch, pull, toss and bounce – these will slowly rise and return to their original shape.
  • GREAT FOR ALL AGES – Perfect for a table, office desk, or kid’s room. Everyone will enjoy staring at this super soft, super squishy!
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Rinse under water or wash with clothes. Do not use high heat to dry.

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Mini Unicorn Squishies

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