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Mps Hacksaw Blade Hss Bi-Metal 20/24T X 300Mm For Ss & All Me


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HSS Bimetal hacksaw blade – 18 TPI

Bimetal hacksaw blades can be used for all types of metals and is break-resistant and are characterized by their flexibility. The body is made of spring steel and the teeth are made of High-speed Steel (HSS). 8% cobalt has been added to the HSS to allow for optimal cutting in stainless steel.

MPS has the teeth set in a VARIOZAHN pattern of 20-24 TPI to be used in variable thickness material. The blade cuts faster when compared to standard bimetal hacksaw blades.

Cutting applications:

Stainless steel/Inox


Non-ferrous metals

How to use a hacksaw:

Clamp the workpiece in a vice.

Select the correct TPI blade for the material thickness.

Align the blade in the hacksaw with the teeth facing forward.

The cutting action is normally in the push direction at 60 strokes per minute, using the entire length of the blade.

Close to the end of the cut, decrease the rate of cut.

Generally speaking… The blade doesn’t cut faster by leaning heavily on the hacksaw or cutting at a faster rate.

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