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Mps Sabre Saw Metal&Wood 200Mm Multicutter U-Shank 10&14Tpi 2/Pk


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Reciprocating Saw Blade – Wood/Metal 10TPI – 2 pack

A reciprocating saw blade is also known as a sabre saw blade and it cuts through material with a push-and-pull motion.

MPS has designed high quality reciprocating saw blades made from Trimetal with 3 cutting edges that provide new possibilities of using a reciprocating saw. The teeth positioned on the nose of the blade, allow it to make a plunge cut in wooden materials. High alloyed HSS with 8% cobalt incorporated is used to make cuts in wood containing nails.

The spine of the blade is also set with cutting teeth to allow the saw to be used ‘upside-down’. A great feature when used in demolition works.

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