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Posture Corrector

It is never too late to improve your posture, boost self confidence and look awesome whilst doing it!


This new FDA approve neoprene posture corrector is the EASIEST way to improve your posture and ultimately your overall health!
Stop spending hundreds on chiropractors and doctors and get your posture corrector today!
The posture corrector will give you long term results at the fraction of the cost!
If you are sitting at work, school, or home for long hours, suffering from slouching, chronic back pain, stress or neck hump, our clavicle brace is the right choice for you.

Posture Corrector


As we spend more and more time hunched over our desks, computers and cellphones at work and home, poor posture has increasingly become a problem for many people. Using the I&YBUY POSTURE CORRECTOR helps to keep you aware of your posture while relieving back and neck pain.


The posture corrector is made from high-quality neoprene so it is strong, flexible, and very comfortable to wear. The lightweight design allows you to wear it like a backpack, so you can easily go about your day while keeping your back and neck secure.


The lightweight and comfortable POSTURE CORRECTOR will help you to build long term muscle memory, automatically reminding you to straighten your back when seated, standing or walking.

Posture Corrector

How does it work?

The posture corrector places  light pressure on the middle of your back, resulting in pulling your rounded shoulders back. This improves your posture and relieves back and neck pain.

How do I put it on?

  • Put on the Clavicle brace like a backpack
  • Adjust the vertical back strap
  • to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Pull both side straps until shoulders are straight and spine is aligned
  • Attach armpit pads to prevent skin friction during first uses
  • Slip hanging ends into the loops of the shoulder straps
  • TO REMOVE: Put side buckles in upward position and your clavicle brace will be loosen immediately

Posture Corrector


  • Put on this Clavicle Brace as a backpack
  • This posture corrector is made from high-quality neoprene so it is strong, flexible, and very comfortable to wear.
  • Easily and gently adjust Back Velcro Strap according to your weight and height
  • Unisex
  • Can be worn under or over clothing
  • Super discreet
  • ​Modern and fashionable design


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