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Rawlplug Concrete Screw Bolt M10 12,5X100 Mm Csk Head Zinc Flake Coat 50/Box


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Rawlplug – Concrete Screwbolt


12.5 x 100 mm

QTY: 50 Piece


The CONCRETE SCREW-BOLT from RAWLPLUG is an innovative mechanical anchor meant for permanent or temporary installations into high quality reinforced cracked and non-cracked concrete and hollow-core slabs. Unrivalled in many applications due to the speed of installation, simplicity and small edge distance requirements. This mechanical anchor allows you to do many installations in a short amount of time. With the counter sunk head it becomes a perfect solution for installations of safes, burglar bars, safety gates, handrails, balustrades, gates and fences, scaffolding, formwork support systems, structural elements, partitions and support and more! Available in different corrosion resistant coatings C1-C4

Unique and patented thread profile

Perfect machined tip allows for easy applications

6 Screw head variants for easy adaptions to fixture

C1 & C2 Seismic approvals

Triple thread ensures optimum load capacity

Screw-bolt is fully supported by EasyFix design software

Quick fix if measurements are incorrect

WARNING: Using any tool can be dangerous. Always select the right tool for the job.

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