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Rawlplug Nyl Self Drilling Fixing+Screws X14Mmx22Mm X100-Box


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DRA NYLON Nylon self-drill plasterboard fixing

The nylon self-drill plasterboard fixing with great features

Installation guide
Using a PZ2 screwdriver, push fixing point firmly into the board until thread engages
Maintaining a firm pressure, screw in fixing until flush with the base material
Place fixture in position, insert screw and tighten until secure

Features: Flange prevents accidental push through in plasterboard.
Can be used in single and double thickness plasterboard.
Short length ideally suited for dry lined walls.
Installation with a standard screwdriver means that no special tools are necessary.
Recommended screw diameter: 3.5 – 4.2 mm
Must only be used with screw provided.
Sockets, light switches and other electrical fittings
Shelves and bathroom accessories on standard plasterboard.
Installation of ceiling fixtures, such as light fittings
Light shelving, brackets and hooks
Wood battens
Base materials
Approved use in:
Gypsum fibreboards

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