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Rawlplug R-Dsx Screws M5 X 100X60 Ginger Ruspert X100-Tub


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Rawlplug – Ginger Ruspert Screws


5 mm


The Rawlplug decking screw is designed for outdoor applications of wood and chipboard with ginger ruspert coating, made of hardened carbon steel with a coating loayer to avoid stain in outdoor application. No pre-drilling required

Drilling point at the very top of the screw for a fast start

The partial thread on the shaft to the screw allows multiple elements to be clamped together securely without seperation

Trim countersunk head with cutting ribs for easy countersinking and a precise flush finish

TX drive Guarentees secure transmission of screw-in torque and no pop-out of the bit

Notched thread and wax coating for reduced friction

Crack avoidance

Power and battery saving

WARNING: Using any tool can be dangerous. Always select the right tool for the job.

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