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Rawlplug Universal Plug 4All 12 With Hex Head Screw 8.0X80


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4ALL Universal Plug with Hex Screw

Rawlplug Catalogue No.: R-4ALL-12/80
Plug Size: 12 x 80 mm
Screw Size: 8 x 80 mm
Qty: 10
High performance nylon plug with hex screw for all types of substrates.
Unique internal design provides positive grip for screws.
Rib detail at plug head provides added grip.
Expanding section designed to collapse in hollow materials and provide positive grip behind surfaces.
Unique 4 way expansion allowing application in any substrate material and type.
Solid head design provides strength whilst plug is installed.
Anti-rotational lugs promote grip in wide range of substrates including soft masonry materials.
Did you know… ?
The 4ALL plug is short and turns up in the form of a unique knot under the influence of the movement of the screw, so 4ALL works just as well in plasterboard as in every other building substrate.

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