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Siphon Pump Kit


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Siphon Pump Kit

This Siphon Pump Kit is a must have equipment for any garage.

This item is also great for removing gearbox ATF fluids and also draining engines like smart cars with no sump plugs.

This pump can extract petrol, diesel, kerosene, bio diesel, veg oil, water, coolant and many more!


  • Multifunction pump works in three ways as a liquid pump, air pump or siphon.
  • The liquid pump moves large quantities of gas, water or another liquid. The siphon function can draw fuel from the tank or oil from the crankcase.
  • The air pump can be used to inflate pool accessories, air mattresses and more.
  • Can help with the creation of white, blue and green diesel
  • Made from oil and acid resistant plastic to enable the petrol transfer
  • Compact and practical
  • Easy to use
Siphon Pump Kit

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