Sparkle And Shine Unicorn On-The-Go Toy

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Bright Starts Sparkle & Shine Unicorn On-The-Go Take-Along Toy, Ages Newborn 

Sparkle And Shine Unicorn On-The-Go Toy


Gallup into a fairytale adventure wherever you and your baby girl go with Bright Starts’ Sparkle & Shine Unicorn.

Pretty in pink, this plush unicorn toy is adorned with sweet flower details your little one will love.

A bit of magic and two sparkly teething rings help soothe baby’s sore gums, and she’ll love to touch and tug the unicorn’s mane made of silky Taggies ribbons.

With the included attachment link, you can transform any carrier or stroller into a carriage fit for a princess and her magical unicorn.

Product Features:

  • Super Girly and cuddly plush unicorn
  • Rattle inside for added engagement
  • Features 2 soft and sparkly teething rings
  • Soft ribbon mane and fabric feet for additional tactile interest
  • Link for on the go 
Sparkle And Shine Unicorn On-The-Go Toy
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