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U581 OBDII CAN Car Scanner


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U581 OBDII CAN Car Scanner

The U581 Scanner is for real-time automotive diagnosis based on the OBD 2 & CAN-BUS protocol.

It offers Full Feature Scanning including ‘LIVE DATA’.

By simply plugging it into your vehicles diagnostic socket, you will be able to Read all Trouble Codes & Definitions related to the “Check Engine Light”, Save & Review results, Reset the trouble light, Monitor & Freeze-Frame Data, and more.

Also retrieves the VIN (vehicle identification number) on supported vehicles.


  • Works on all 1996 and newer cars & light trucks that are OBD II compliant (including the VPW, PWM, ISO, KWP 2000 and CAN protocols).
  • Reads and clears generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).
  • DTCs definition displayed on the LCD screen, no need to cross-reference with code book.
  • Reading Live Data
  • Reading Freeze Frame Data.
  • Testing I/M Reading Status.
  • Reading Vehicle Info –VIN (most vehicles built 2000 & up).
  • Rescanning Data.

Support system:

  • Misfire, Fuel System, Comprehensive components (ccm), EGR System, Oxygen sensor, Catalyst, Evaporative, O2 Sensor heater, Secondary air, Heated Catalyst, A/C System and many more.
U581 OBDII CAN Car Scanner


  • LCD Display -128×64 pixel display with contrast adjustment, Backlit.
  • “ENTER” key – for selection of different functions.
  • “ESC” key – to go back to the previous screen.
  • “UP”& “DOWN” arrows – to move the selection pointer and scrolls up or down the menu.
  • “LEFT”&”RIGHT” keys – for selection of responses and move cursor.
  • On/Off Power Button–for performing software update process.
  • OBDII connector cable–for connecting scan tool to the vehicle’s Data Link Connector “DLC”.
  • Battery compartment.

Vehicle Coverage:

  • GM ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
  • Ford ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
  • Chrysler ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
  • Toyota ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
  • Honda ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
  • NISSAN ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
  • All other Asian and European ’96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
  • All new CAN protocol cars.
U581 OBDII CAN Car Scanner
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