Snatcher is always interested in new and exciting products to expand our product offering to our customers. 

The process for selling on www.snatcher.co.za is very simple:

-> Click HERE to download application Form

  • Step 1: All applications need to be sent to [email protected]
  • Step 2: You provide us with your best cost price/s (excluding VAT)
  • Step 3: You provide us with the normal Retail Price/s (including VAT)
  • Step 4: Confirm how many units you have available
  • Step 5: Confirm whether these units are available to Snatcher Online exclusively or whether you are selling with other retailers
  • Step 6: Snatcher Online will work out the selling price according to your prices provided
  • Step 7: Snatcher Online has a wide range of products. Should you want to be featured on a newsletter do we require a special price valid for Snatcher Online only. If we need to sell your product at the normal Retail Price will your product NOT be featured on a newsletter
  • Step 8: You will need to provide us with the product images and the correct product description. Snatcher Online will not be held reliable for wrong descriptions if you did not provide us with the correct information
  • Step 9: We require daily SOH (Stock On Hand) reports in Excel format
  • Step 10: Snatcher Online will place an order as required
  • Step 11: Once an order is placed will we require delivery to our warehouse in Johannesburg as soon as possible as we need to dispatch the orders in line with our terms and conditions as stated on our website
  • Step 12: Should you want to run a deal on our newsletter will arrangements be made with our marketing team accordingly